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Price guarantee policy.
We guarantee you the lowest price(1) on the market for the quality which you desire.
(1) If you are not an educated customer already - please feel free to consult with us on a courtesy basis and shop around. Then do not hesitate coming back to us with several written itemized proposals from a different contractors and we will beat their price by giving you significantly better value for your dollar.

Special Challenge.

We enjoy our work and have pride in it, because this is what we do almost every day of our lives and we like warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment which comes from satisfaction by job well done! For us - it is not only about  earning a decent living, professional growth or personal achievement but also a way to meet interesting people and make new friends.

Therefore, we wish to offer a promotion to any of our potential clients, who would like an opportunity to get to know us better. We will do an engineering design for free (up to $5,000 value) - if you win a game of golf or chess, but we have to warn you first: we are very good at it. 

Note: No actual animals or people were ever harmed.

Do we hate our job?

Some might think, that doing a great work - is counter productive. After all, even a large companies do on purpose things that will break. They call it "job security". Engineering wize it would be actually possible to create a razor blade, which will allows one to shave for entire year! Same is true for many other commercial products. Unfortunately, in a recent decade the number of bad products grew exponentially, making it easier for people to spend their money. In today's tight financial market the economy is rapidly evolving and businesses now largely depend on recommendations by satisfied customers, just the same way they always were in the old times. That is why it is extremely important for our firm to bond and maintain a relationship with all of our clients, eventually becoming true friends who can depend and be trusted to perform professional duties while having the best of each other's interest in mind. 

Our price is lower, because we are giving you more product of higher quality!

Some of other grateful clients have felt before that our price is higher than of other vendors. But soon they found out that the results and service they received from us - were well worth the investment. We may lose a few clients because we are not the lowest bidder, but no client will ever feel less than thrilled with the service we provide. We would rather have to apologize once for our fees than for the quality of our work in a lifetime.

We believe you get what you pay for: the sweetness of low price is quickly forgotten when you have to deal day after day with the bitterness of low quality. I don't think you really want a cheap repair. Aren't you really interested in getting the best value for your dollar? Higher quality actually saves you money in the long run. You pay less because we give you more. More service, more quality, more expertise, more peace of mind. Isn't that what you're truly want?

We are using best equipment, materials and have the best staff in town, so we have to pay them that way! We are proud of our fees: they reflect the quality and level of service that our firm provide, and the overall time we devote to each project. However, if this is the kind of job you want, but the price is not affordable to you - we can look into some other ways how it can be worked into your budget.

Investment Opportunities.

Instead of paying outrageous taxes on our profits the company is constantly increasing future value by investing back into research and development, patenting ideas, lobbying government for approval of new products and technologies, buying state of the art equipment and giving multiple benefit packages to employees. Investment opportunities are available.
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