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Our system

Restore Unsafe Lake Banks, Alternative to Unsightly Rip Rap, Replace Old Wooden Bulkhead

Erosion Restoration's Eco-Filter Tube™ structure uses a specially engineered geotextile fabric tube that can be hydraulically pumped with sand and soil to provide an extremely durable erosion barrier. Once installed, the erosion barrier can provide protection against degradation caused by storm runoff, wind/wave action and tidal flow. Erosion Restoration's Eco-Filter Tube™ can be used for multiple applications including shoreline erosion control, land reclamation, wetland creation, breakwaters, dewatering, and bulkhead stabilization.

Once installed, Erosion Restoration's Eco-Filter Tube™ offers high resistance to punctures, tears and abrasions. The geotextile fabric tube has high filtration efficiency and solids retention that allows run-off water to percolate through the material and trapping pesticides and herbicides. In addition the polypropylene material is able to withstand wave motion, rapid water movement and is resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids.



Environmental Engineering:
  EFT has well defined physical properties that allow to predict slope stability.
  EFT is easy to install, it retain nutrients important for plant growth and provides anchoring for vegetation roots.
Erosion Control:
  EFT is permeable for water, successfully preventing seepage and erosion.
Geotextile Tube:
  EFT is made out of advanced high strength synthetic material, formed into regular shape, which is easy to model and manufacture.
geotube alternative

Advantages of the Eco-Filter Tube™:

  • Virtually permanent lifespan when covered & maintained properly.
  • 1/4 of the cost of conventional restoration techniques (i.e. bulkheads or riprap).
  • Reclaims property's lost land and increases property value.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Easy and fast to install with little or no impact on existing landscape.
  • Can be stacked in just about any way to contour to the existing gradient, create new slope, or provide elevation for backfilling/land creation.
  • Can easily form around existing trees, foliage, or negligible debris (rocks) minimizing excavation & disposal costs.
  • All equipment is contained on board a small boat to eliminate the need for heavy machinery that can damage surrounding area.
  • During installation, normal operations and routine can continue unhindered.
  • Acts as a natural filtration system and reduces pollutant discharge, insecticide and fertilizer run off into body of water.
  • Able to be installed in remote areas or at properties with limited accessibility.
  • Easily installed in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Provide an enjoyable landscape that is environmentally sound and financially viable.
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We are the only company in the industry, who is so confident in our product and installation, that may actually offer to you a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!

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