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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the tubes made of ?

Answer: The tube is constructed of a either a non-woven or a woven polypropylene textile

Question: What sizes do the tubes come in ?

Answer: The tubes come in three sizes: Small 7.5 Ft Circumference, Medium 12.5 Ft Circumference, Large 15 Ft Circumference Although these three sizes are the ones predominantly used, we can easily custom manufacture the tubes to suit any project specifics.

Question: How long does it take to install the tube ?

Answer: Around 150 Lineal feet can be installed in a day. However, this can vary due to the different types of organic material found within the adjacent body of water.

Question: How long will the tubes last for ?

Answer: When maintained correctly, the tubes offer a permanent trouble free solution to erosion.

Question: What must I do to ensure the longevity of the Tube ?

Answer: UV Radiation, over a period of time, is a cause of damage to the tubes. To prevent this damage it is recommended to re-lay turf as soon as possible. Caution has to be used when using machinery such as a metal blade weed whacker that the tube doesn't become torn. Most tubes are made of polypropylene. If left exposed to direct sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) light will reduce the lifespan of the tubes. Therefore, bags made of polypropylene should be covered. Above the water line, we recommend that the repaired area is covered with vegetation (sod, grasses etc.). If the vegetation washes away or is damaged, the area must be repaired as soon as possible. If the water level drops so that the bag is exposed to sunlight for a long period we recommend it is covered until the water level is restored. See below concerning maintenance.

Question: What is the most common problem?

Answer: The most common problem is that maintenance crews do not realize they cannot cut into the repaired area with cutting tools such as weed whackers cutting downwards into the sod. Mowers can be used on the repaired area but the blades must not cut the bags.

Question: Can a damaged tube be repaired?

Answer: In many cases yes it can. A piece of the fabric can be sewn into the damaged area to restore the ‘integrity’ of the bag. Alternatively, call us at Erosion Restoration and we can better advise you.

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