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Engineering Design & Technology

 Erosion Restoration, LLC. as design-build company develops construction plans for the owner using Plat, Survey and other available legal documents, which allow the owner to obtain comparable estimates from other contractors based on the accurate bid items and minimum standards accepted in the industry, thus increasing protection for the client from deficient work or unexpected additional charges for items omitted in the original agreement. 

Our design and warranty are substantiated by hydrologic/hydraulic analysis and calculations - FEMA approved risk assessment methodology for certain known events having statistical probability of occurrence in any given year. In any hurricane prone region such approach is critical for protection from wave action, washing out or undermining factors.

 We employ licensed professional engineers and scientists who are supervising, inspecting and certifying all of our activities, which significantly reduces the risk and liability assumed by the client. All of our projects receive approval from Federal, State, County, City and other government agencies having jurisdiction. We submit permit package and expedite review. Our patented innovations in technology and materials result in additional savings to our clients. 

Erosion Restoration, LLC. makes horizontal and vertical measurements from property line to edge of water using existing site bench mark references, performs hydrographic survey from the edge of water to the lake bottom, draws bathymetric map, cross sections, checking rate of erosion in comparison with historic documents and original permit - to determine where non-structural, bio-engineering, bio-technical or structural methods of protection may be applicable, conducts preliminary evaluation of slope conditions for stability and safety issues, evaluates existing flora/fauna, determines project phasing and priorities.

Erosion Restoration, LLC. study hydro-geology of site, performs taxonomy in accordance with NRCS documents and extract soil samples using special equipment. We draw sand deposition map and calculate volumes available on-site. Our clients know in advance how much material is available, how much is required and the balance which needs to be purchased or disposed.

 In the event if dangerous conditions are discovered during preliminary research and investigation which can not be remedied by nonstructural methods (restoring natural waterfront) - Erosion Restoration, LLC. may offer to our clients professional design services of Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer and other disciplines.

 At the time of construction our company installs approved by the State pollution prevention devices under strict supervision of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Instructor and monitors turbidity and pH levels with periodic tests and reports from certified environmental laboratory.

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