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Before you call us

We would love to visit you and see your project, but we wish to educate ourselves even before we come in and have thorough knowledge of your project, so that we do not waste anybody's valuable time. 

First, we need to obtain the following information from you - to identify the property in the County electronic database. So, if you are not the owner - please provide their information as well.

You First and Last Name, Office, Mobile, Home, Fax telephone numbers, Email Address, Mailing Address, Physical Site Address.

It would be extremely helpful and possibly save some money - if you could locate any plans (usually left by original developer), property survey or elevation certificate (done earlier for flood insurance).

Please understand that in order for us to offer you ideal design solution which will be highest quality for the money you are willing to pay and also will result in great savings during construction - we really need to study the original engineering criteria and current regulations for your particular development and then compare it to an existing condition. 

As our second step, we would like to send you our proposal for visiting your site and performing all necessary tests and measurements. You may assist us now to prepare by providing more information below, as it may be applicable to your project and by sending to us as many pictures of problem areas as possible.

- Approximately how many linear feet of eroded shoreline do you have? Would you like to phase this project and address the critical areas only, first?
- What is the elevation difference between top of bank and the edge of water? 
- How deep the shelf, below water level? 
- Approximate width of the shelf? 
- What is the total depth of the water body? 
- Does your pond connect to other water bodies via culvert?
- Does your water body have control structures? 
- Is the project - part of a stream or creek?
- Did you have any prior contacts with governmental agencies having jurisdiction? 
- If “yes”, what was the outcome?
- Had you contact any engineering design professionals regarding your problem before? 
- If "yes", what was their opinion?
- Are there deeply undermined areas ready to fall? 
- Is there steep vertical bluff ready to topple? 
- Are there areas of shoreline which have already slide and ready to slide again retrogressively? 
- Do you have a soil report? 
- What type of material found on the lake bed?
- Do you wish to reclaim any lost property and if so, how much? 
- What type of slope does your project require (4:1 min. recommended for safety reasons). 
- Does the lake water levels fluctuate? If so, how much? 
- What type of sod is currently being used?
- Does the water body have access from roadways or maintenance easement?
- Are there any trees tilted or curved downslope? 
- Are there broken irrigation lines?
- Are there any cracks or sinkholes in the ground?
- Do you know the finish floor elevation or have property survey or elevation certificate for the building?
- What is the present distance from edge of water to the slab?

Socrates said: "He who sees with his eyes - is blind". Therefore our firm rely on accurate measurements and knowledge, in addition to our vast experiance.

We perform hydrographic soundings.

Bathymetric surveys.

Topographic verification of original plan and survey for compliance with safety criteria required by Water Management District and Department of Environmental Protection.

Soil testing.

The owner shall clearly understand from the very beginning all steps necessary for successful completion of subject project and develop Pre-project Assessment Plan, including but not limited to the following.

To hire a qualified and competent firm able to provide highest level of design/build services for shoreline restoration and stabilization, subject to original plans, design criteria, current standards and regulations at affordable price.

Services for the project shall include providing engineering and design plans, surveys, soil borings and tests, preparation of storm water pollution prevention plans, plans, cross sectios and other professional design services necessary to restore and stabilize lake/canal embankment within the boundaries of the Client's property. Firms submitting Statements of Qualifications must have extensive in-house knowledge and experience in designing, surveying, testing, constructing and maintaining Storm Water Management infrastructure. 

In order to minimize costs and response time and to ensure review and evaluation of all vendors in a consistent manner each request for qualifications shall include: 
- Transmittal letter providing the name, title, address and telephone number of the official corporate contact, and an alternate. Listed individuals shall have the authority to bind the firm and available to attend appropriate meetings. 
- Summary of technical and design aspects of the proposed design/build project. 
- Price proposal for design-built project. 
- Current organization chart. 
- Brief description of the corporate history and any joint ventures or key sub-consultants proposed for any part of project. Firms that are short-listed may be required to submit audited financial statements to demonstrate current financial condition and stability. 
- Summary of relevant corporate experiences that demonstrate specific knowledge of similar projects and services completed within the last ten years. 
- Short description of the qualifications of specific people assigned to this project as they relate to the type of work to be performed. 
- Identify key personnel, support personnel, sub-consultants assigned the project and their qualifications.  
- Availability of the assigned personnel must also be described, including an estimate of current workload and future commitments for each person. Such descriptions must be made both in terms of man-hours per year and as a percentage of total workload. 
- Proof of professional liability insurance and error omission insurance, auto, workers compensation or proof that the required insurance will be provided at the time of selection. Sample certificate of insurance or equivalent shall be attached.
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