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Discover the most cost effective environmental solutions to your erosion problems today!

Shoreline Restoration  -  Erosion Control  -  Land Stabilization  -  Environmental Preservation. 

Erosion Restoration 's Eco-Filter Tube™ is our new patented application of sturdy polypropylene geotextile (woven or non-woven) that has been engineered specifically for shoreline erosion control. 

Our geotextile technology offers an affordable solution for dealing with shoreline restoration, erosion control, land stabilization and environmental preservation. Working on the basic principle of containment, dewatering and consolidation, the Eco-Filter Tube™ stabilizes the underlying shoreline and creates a barrier against further erosion. Our eco-friendly geotextile tube technology restores your shoreline to its original condition while increasing soil stability, promoting drainage, and providing long lasting erosion control. 

Property owners, golf course superintendents, lake managers, and government agencies that are eager to improve their lakes and shorelines while controlling expenses have found the Eco-Filter Tube™ to be the perfect solution. With current budgets being tighter than ever, the Eco-Filter Tube™ has proved to be the most cost effective method of erosion renovations while providing the greatest natural aesthetics. 
Our shoreline restoration technique involves recycling sand and organic material from the adjacent body of water. This removes the need to bring in costly material and the potential of damage caused by heavy equipment. Once the shoreline has been completely restored any type of foliage can be planted and it can be safely walked on or driven on by machinery. Erosion Restoration will design and create the perfect landscape that you desire! 
Every year, erosion causes millions of dollars worth of damage to the shorelines of public and private properties. Without adequate protection, this degrading land can cause very significant and costly damage. So please browse our site and learn about how Erosion Restoration can restore your properties natural charm and prevent further erosion.

If knowledge - is power, then why are we not afraid to reveal our secrets?
In today's cruel world corporations fight viciously to protect their trade secrets. Gag orders were put on some scientists, who had courage of telling people how they are being harmed by big industries.
Our company is fully transparent. That means, we have an open book policy and you as our client know exactly how much work we are doing in order to give you both: the desired quantity and the required quality of a product - based on accurate measurements and calculations! Hence, we have nothing to hide, because we are not misleading our customers. The people who do lie unfortunately - are weak, insecure, and not smart enough to acheve their goals and unable to honestly compete with others.

Erosion Restoration's Expertise:

  • Shoreline Restoration
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Coastal Revetment
  • Channel Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Geo-synthetic materials
  • Eco-Filter Tube™ Installation
  • Silt Fence Installation
  • Floating Turbidity Barrier Installation
  • Reinforced Earth Technology
  • Land Reclamation
  • Dredging
  • Dewatering
  • Sediment Removal
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Stability Analysis
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Drainage Law

Reducing costs through innovation!
The engineering department of our company provides most accurate measurements and tests which allow to choose optimum technology, precisely calculate labor, selection of necessary materials, significantly reduce cost of construction, eliminate unsubstantiated risks and increase longevity of product to insurable warranty period as desired by our educated clients using FEMA approved methods.
Our philosophy - is finding a problem and forever eliminating its origin through proper balance, symmetry, harmony and equilibrium of forces, instead of fighting against nature or patching work, which costs more in a long run.
We are currently utilizing two Topcon Total Stations, Trimble GPS, Trimble Spectra Precision Laser, Leica Disto, Sonar, Humboldt Penetrometer, one soil boring and two types of soil extraction equipment, perform bearing capacity analysis, stability evaluation and sheet pile bending calculations in order to guarantee that our installation will not fail years later die to some pre-existing conditions.
Clients of our department are mostly savvy and experienced property managers, who know how expensive and dangerous it may be to hire a contractor without consulting an engineer.

Our sod grows faster! Roots are stabilizing the slope by improving soil mechanical properties!
Erosion Restoration, LLC. performs installation of of Azospirillum based products which supply nitrogen naturally through nitrogen fixation and enhance root development. Our new product has the ability to generate roots faster, to get the sod established faster and to reduce watering. It does this by taking the natural nitrogen found in our air (78%) and converts it to a usable source for the grass.

Letter of Appreciation: 
"This letter is to thank you for the exceptional service this Association received from your company. Your prices were fair, the start and completion dates were on time and I was always kept informed as to the daily progress".

How to save $80,000 with Eco-Filter Tube?

Case Study.

Another engineer proposed remedy from seepage and washouts by utilizing backfill and drainage on each lot. In addition Geotube™ had to protect the shoreline from wave action.


After our firm evaluated the backfill option – we found out that additional costs had to be involved for dewatering, because soil could not be compacted under water. Vibratory roller could not be used for compaction due to capillary rise and soil liquification. Heavy roller could not be used on top of 2:1 slope for safety reasons.  The proposed tube could easily be undermined during low water condition or washed out during high water events. On top of all those issues the price of proposed drainage installation was approximately $600 per lot.

The site hydrology analysis performed by our scientists revealed, that washing out of fine particles under the tube would only occurred if low water table elevation were below the tube. Infiltration of surface water around a lake reach the cone of depression and then moves in almost horizontal direction towards the lake, causing seepage and failure of loose soil in the lake bank. Geosynthetic material retains fine particles but allow good percolation and does not result in hydrostatic pressure, which makes drainage unnecessary.

Using Eco-filter Tube brand which is specifically engineered for required tensile strength with proper geometry and placement - allowed our firm to cut the costs and save for the owner $80,000 on this particular project. 

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